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We fill our cups by producing coffee so noteworthy it stops you in your tracks. 

Creating a moment of pause. 

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These are interesting times we are in. Please know, the roastery is sanitized. Only I touch the equipment and your beans. I wash my hands frequently and vigourously.

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And yes, you can order online. Contact via email for at-roastery pick up  and we can appropriately distanced connect. Thanks and be safe.

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Dark Roast

Dark Roast

Also called Italian, Vienna, French, these are the darker roasts.  Expect fewer... 

Light Roast

Light Roast

Known by many names (Cinnamon, American, City), it is the lightest of... 

Medium Roast

Medium Roast

a.k.a. Full City.  Expect earthier tasting notes, chocolate, caramel sweetness, heavier spice... 

Creating moments, one cup at a time

Filled with a caffeine-fuelled passion to bring out the very best of each coffee region's flavours.

  • How It's Roasted

    There are two main methods of roasting; fluid-bed or drum roasting. The majority of roasting occurs with large drum roasters. I use a 12lb fluid-bed roaster.

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  • Where It Grows

    Soil, altitude, temperature and rainfall all affect flavour. Well grown, cleanly harvested and properly roasted coffee lets you taste regional flavour.

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  • Roast Levels

    Roasting expands moisture inside the beans which causes the beans to crack open. Beans are typically roasted to either a first or second crack.

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  • How to Make the Perfect French Press

    There's many different ways to make your coffee. Each affects flavour. Experiment. Play. Find what works for you. Personally, most mornings I require somethinf idiot proof.

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  • Which Has More Caffeine

    Ready to bust some myths? Roasting doesn't affect caffeine. I'll repeat that - roasting doesn't affect caffeine. So why does urban myth insist that darker roasts have more caffeine?  

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