How to Make the Perfect French Press

How to Make the Perfect French Press

There's many different ways to make your coffee. Each affects flavour. Experiment. Play. Find what works for you. Personally, most mornings I require something idiot proof. 

Here's how to make French Press:

Water/grounds ratio:

750mL / 22g (3tbsp)

1L / 30 g (4 tbsp)

1.5L / 60-65g (7-9tbsp)

These are ballpark estimates, experiment to find your perfect ratios.

Start the water boiling.  Clean your press and fill with hot tap water.

Coarsely grind and measure your coffee.

Start your breakfast as the water boils.

Empty the press of tap water. Put in grounds and boiled water.  Leave the lid off.

Wait 4 minutes.  Do a yoga pose.

Stir down the crust on top. Wait another 4 minutes.  Do another yoga pose. Btw, that crust is an indication of freshness, the coffee is off-gassing.

Insert plunger.  Plunge slowly.


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