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Notes: smooth, balanced, full mouthfeel, bright, chocolate liqueur flavours fading to cacao nibs and licorice notes in the lengthy finish.

Process: washed Arabica

Altitude: 1400 MASL

Varietals:mixed heirloom

Region: Arusha, Tanzania

Certification: Organic

Roast: Medium

This blend of peaberries comes from the cooperative efforts of several smallholder coffee farmers. Delicious both brewed and as a fine espresso option.  

Peaberries result when the coffee fruit develops a single oval bean rather than the usual pair of flat-sided beans. A crevice meanders down one side of the little egg-shaped beans. Peaberries develop when only one of two ovaries in the flower are pollinated or accept pollination, thus producing one seed rather than two. Since Arabica coffee is self-pollinating (the same flower can impregnate itself) excessive peaberry production is a sign of general infertility of the plant. These beans are separated from the normal beans during grading by means of slotted screens, which allow only the peaberries to fall through.  

Peaberries respond differently in the roaster. They are heavier, surface area is less, they crack at different temperatures, less robustly, expelling less chaff. Always fun to roast.  

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