Snark Brunette
Snark Brunette
Snark Brunette

Snark Brunette

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Notes: chocolate smooth, dense body, complex and clean finish

Process: Natural Arabica and Robusta

Altitude: 1066-1700 MASL

Varietals: Mixed heirloom

Region: Brazil, Honduras, India

Certification: Organic

Roast: Medium ++

Let's you approach any battle of wits fully armed.  Sweet, smooth, clean.  Gently reminding you, you're not bossy, you ARE the boss.

A blend for those who like a hint of a dark roast bite without the bitter aftertaste. Comprised of three regional coffees to create a chocolatey, dense body, complex and bittersweet.  Expect subtle fruit notes with an impressive level of sweetness.  These fruited accents come through, especially in the finish, and come off like dark chocolate covered raisin.

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