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Smoky, stone fruit sweetness that lingers into chocolatey heaven. You don’t need coffee to be awesome, you already are. But it’s more fun to be awesome and awake. Share the energy!

This coffee has a candied flavour, a smokey-sweetness, like caramelizing sugar in a pan, which lasts throughout the lingering aftertaste. The medium body and crisp acidity blend well with over-riding fruity, caramel notes, heightening your sipping pleasure.

For a good part of the last 20 years, many Honduran coffee producers smuggled their coffee across the border to sell it in Guatemala. Guatemala had a better coffee reputation than Honduras and as a result, the crops could fetch a higher price. In that same time period, both the coffee producers and the Honduras Government made a quest to improve the quality of coffee from Honduras through fiscal incentives, the building of highways to access remote growing regions and improved soil analysis and crop management. As a result, in 2012, Honduras became the seventh largest producer of coffee in the world, surpassing Guatemala.

There is no doubt that coffee production and exports saved the state of Honduras from a certain bankruptcy following the 2009 political crisis.  All things to think about as you sip your cup of inspiration.  

Rainforest Alliance, Medium Roast

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