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Well balanced with notes of stone fruit and cacoa nibs. A smooth dense body that jump starts your day. Proving coffee may not cure everything, but it can cure mornings.

Expect a full bodied, well balanced cup with hints of stone fruit and cacao nibs.

These shade-grown beans come from Finca Santa Cecilia, a 147 hectare farm on which coffee is grown on 142 hectares. Due to the extreme environmental conditions and lack of water, the farm maintains strict conservation practices. After processing, Finca Santa Cecilia uses a recycled water treatment process to avoid environmental pollution. Two families live on the privately owed farm and a total of 30 people work there.

The coffee is grown at 3,400-4,200 feet above sea level. The soil is rich metamorphic clay stemming from the nearby extinct Tecuamburro volcano. The beans are handpicked, wet milled and sun-dried.

Fairtrade, Organic, Shade-Grown, Medium Roast

Beans are best ground just prior to use. You will receive whole beans unless you indicate otherwise. If you would like your beans ground, please specify in the notes section of the checkout.