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Notes: Bright, well balanced body, sweet, citric acidity with a floral, clean, complex aftertaste, aromas of honey with top notes of peach or apricot

Process: Natural Arabica

Altitude: 1900 MASL

Varietals: Mixed heirloom

Region: Sidamo

Certification: Rain Forest Alliance, Organic

Roast Level: Light

This coffee is somewhat complex, with a citric to tannic acidity.  The honey fragrance mingles with top notes of peach and apricot to produce an aftertaste that is clean with a fruited sweetness.

This is the area considered to be the birthplace of coffee.  Picture frisky goats frolicking around a bemused Shepard, scratching her head in contemplation while chewing a coffee cherry.  Typically, it is the Robusta bean that grows wild, but in the forests of the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, Coffea Arabica grew wild. Coffee is "Bun" or "Buna" in Ethiopia, so Coffee Bean is quite possibly a poor anglicized interpretation of "Kaffa Bun". Coffea Arabica was also found in the Harar region quite early, either brought from the Kaffa forests or from closer areas around the Sudan border. It is entirely possible that slaves taken from the forests chewed coffee cherry and spit out the seeds, thus spreading it into the Harar region, through which the Arab slave trade route passed.

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