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Divine Decaf

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Notes: clean, dense body, hints of honey, pepper and cacao nibs surrounded with a smooth mouthfeel and cinnamon and nutmeg aromas

Process: washed Arabica

Altitude: 800-1200 MASL

Varietals: Mixed heirloom

Region: Chiapas

Certification: Fair trade organic, Mountain Water Process

Roast: Medium

Decaf drinkers stand tall and proud! Really, you deserve to be celebrated. You love coffee so much you want to drink it all day and you know how to avoid those nasty jitters. You also know your coffee, demanding a clean, smooth, flavourful cup. Many of my drinkers cut their favourite caffeinated brew with decaf, or save this for a soothing evening drink to ease them into slumber. Because, seriously, don't we all deserve to end our busy days with something full bodied and soothing?

Beans to be decaffeinated are selected based on their water content, the state of the energy of the water in the bean, and their density, the critical trifecta for both roasting and decaffeinating. Focus on this holy trinity allows regional tasting notes to withstand the decaffeination process.    

There are two ways to decaffeinate coffee, using either water or chemicals. Swiss or Mountain Water is a process that naturally removes 99% of the caffeine from the beans. Because what you take out is just as important as what you leave in.  

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