Divine Decaf

Divine Decaf

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For those equally passionate about good coffee and a good night's sleep. Strong, dark, intensely biting and soothing. Because every day should finish with a full body flavour.

Expect clean, bittersweet roast notes with hints of chocolate and cinnamon.

This is a Swiss Water Processed blend from two regions, Columbia and Peru. Beans to be decaffeinated are selected based on their water content, the state of the energy of the water in the bean, and their density, the critical trifecta for both roasting and decaffeinating. Focus on this holy trinity allows regional tasting notes to withstand the decaffeination process.    

There are two ways to decaffeinate coffee, using either water or chemicals. Swiss Water is a patented process that naturally removes 99% of the caffeine from the beans. Because what you take out is just as important as what you leave in.  

Swiss Water Processed, Fairtrade, Organic Medium Roast

Beans are best ground just prior to use. You will receive whole beans unless you indicate otherwise. If you would like your beans ground, please specify in the notes section of the checkout.