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Sweet like a first date, lingering into love. A creamy alternative to hating everything. Because in the morning it's okay to like coffee more than people

A blend of five regional beans create this intense coffee that is wonderful either brewed or as espresso. Designed to be potent enough to cut through steamed milk, it is also smooth enough to sip black. Sweet smoke, caramel and cream flavours will linger in the mouth for 20 plus minutes, extending your pleasure.  

This coffee was always my go-to for an espresso pull. Not only does it produce intense crema, it is also idiot proof when pulling a shot (always useful for early mornings). Any coffee, regardless of how beautifully roasted or ethically grown, will taste either bitter or sour if the shot is pulled long or short. This pull will have clearly defined striping.  As soon as the striping disappears, just before the shot runs blonde, stop the pull. Presto - a perfect espresso with defined layering.  And if you look close enough, you can even see the heart of the pull. 

Beans are best ground just prior to use. You will receive whole beans unless you indicate otherwise. If you would like your beans ground, please specify in the notes section of the checkout.