Where It Grows

Soil, altitude, temperature and rainfall all affect flavour. Well grown, cleanly harvested and properly roasted coffee lets you taste regional flavours in the cup. 

Central America: Expect a well balanced cup with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and some tart, fruity acidity.  Some spice and cocoa notes may be present. Snark offerings: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica.

South America: These coffees are similar to the Centrals; they are light and mild.  There is a mellow acidity and strong caramel sweetness, with a hint of nutty undertones. Snark offerings: Peru

Asia: Tasting notes are deep and dark.  There is a hint of meaty earthiness with an aromatic spiciness.  Roasted to a medium+ there are smoky and toasted flavours with a long lasting finish that recalls very dark, unsweetened cocoa.  Snark offerings: Sumatra

Africa: These coffees are quite complex, offering distinctive wine and fruit tones with a fragrant floral aroma.  Snark offerings: Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania.