Mussie's Mojo

Mussie's Mojo

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An ancient-worldly, creamy smooth coffee that let’s you kick butt and make dreams happen. Validating the power savouring a cup can have to connect people and create communities.

An earthy, smoky coffee with hints of caramel and cream. Like her namesake, she has a dense body which gives a lingering aftertaste long after you've swallowed. The Brazilian beans provide a grassy hint, the Honduras gives a chocolately sweetness, and the Indian Malabar create caramel notes. The kick of Indian Robusta, that's just a bit of extra motivation to tie it all together and get you moving in the morning.

It doesn't matter if you believe in the three-eyed beast that lurks in the waters of Muskrat Lake. When you start your day with Mussie's Mojo you know exquisite magic can happen. You've just conjured it in your cup. 

Medium+ Roast

Beans are best ground just prior to use. You will receive whole beans unless you indicate otherwise. If you would like your beans ground, please specify in the notes section of the checkout.